Katia’s Lunch is a father-daughter project dedicated to creativity.  Its a showcase for drawings, photography, writing and other forms of artistic expression.

It all started with…Katia’s lunch.  Michael wanted to send Katia to school or camp each day with a love note tucked in her lunch box.  Most days, though, he was so busy making the lunch that he forgot to put the note inside.  Along with that, Katia would often be so busy with having fun at school that she would forget to bring her lunch box home.

To solve the forgotten lunch box problem, Michael started using brown paper bags to pack Katia’s lunch.  To keep her lunch from getting mixed up with the other kids lunches, he wrote “KATIA’S LUNCH” on the bag.  This offered an immediate solution to the note problem.  With pen in hand and plenty of room to write or draw, Michael was able to make the outside of each bag unique.

Noting how each bag was special, Michael wanted to share them with Katia and their friends.  He put together this website to display the bags along with Katia’s art and writing.  The result is Katia’s Lunch.

KatiaKatia enjoys drawing, reading, and basketball.

Michael, Katia's DadMichael is a computer engineer in Los Angeles.

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  1. Neat Mike! I will have to do this for my niece. Please check your LI for a message I left you :). Have a great Friday.

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